It’s the holidays and school is out. Why are we talking about academic enrichment?

School is great but sometimes children can get stuck. They may need a boost to help them raise their grades. They may have had a bad teacher or a group of friends who didn’t encourage them to work as hard as you and they know they can. Is their spoken French good enough? Do they need more than a school trip to perfect that accent? Are they starting a new course, whether GCSE, A Level or IB and do they want to get a head start?

Academic enrichment programmes are fun! First of all they aren’t school as your child knows it. They are in a new and exciting location,having new friends and learning to be independent. There are fun acitivities during the day and at night, trips to take and long lasting friendships to make. They are not sitting studying all day and night!

Academically they are with like minded students who want to learn and value the experience. They have no one to impress but themselves. That can be a libertating experience to many teens. They can relax and simply be themselves.

If there is any area you feel your child may need help, just click on the links below to find out how Camp Experts can help.

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