Special Needs Camp

special needs camp - best summer camps for kids with special needs - summer camps for autistic teensLike regular camps special needs camps work to improve children’s self confidence and teach them new skills. Campers learn from their peers and from supportive leaders. The chance to be away from home with children like themselves with the security of knowing there are trained staff is liberating and boosts their confidence enormously.

We work with camps that provide supervision with nearly a two to one camper to counsellor ratio. If a child or teenager have difficulty connecting with their peers and has been diagnosed with Asperger’s Snydrome or a non verbal learning disability we have the answer. A child or teenager at the right summer camp has a wonderful opportunity to learn and practice the social skills needed throughout their lives.

We can also offer young autistic adults aged 16+ the opportunity of special needs summer tours & travel. No matter the diagnosis, our clients are high functioning individuals interested in making lasting relationships and seeing the world.

All dietary requirements can be accomodated (peanut, nut free, kosher, organic, celiac, diabetic, lactose intolerant, vegetarian & weight loss). Students are usually required to fill out detailed medical forms before arriving at a program.

Most of our special needs camps are in the USA. However, we do have one or two programmes in the UK that can accomodate children with milder issues as part of a mainstream camp. Please contact us to discuss your child and we can see how we can help.

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