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Are you interested in pursuing a career path but want to “try it” first? Sometimes it can be hard to know if you are really interested in something not offered in school before you have at least had a taster. Given the rising cost of University, a small investment in a taster experience can be financially prudent.

Camp Experts has a number of programmes it can recommend that let students experience a field that they may be interested in pursuing at University. Not only is this an invaluable way of giving them a real first taster of their future career but it can also be of added benefit in their University applications as something to us on their personal essays.

Courses run by programmes we recommend include:

Computer Science
Digital Arts
Forensics & Criminology
Marine Biology
Veterinary Medicine

“Last summer I turned to Camp Experts to help me find a summer course for my 18 year old son, who wanted to explore Marine Biology as a future career path. They were instrumental in finding the perfect trip for him. They came up with some great options and finally he chose a course in the Caribbean, where he studied Marine Biology, learnt to scuba dive and sail, as well as adapt to living with 11 complete strangers on board a catamaran. Following this amazing experience, he is now hoping to start his BA in Marine Biology in the Autumn.”

Georgina, London June 2011

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