How Do We Work

Working with Camp Experts is easy and quick!

1. Contact

Contact us by either completing the form on this site, by direct email or by phone to register your interest in our service.

2. Information Collection

We will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours. At that point we will want to capture all relevant information about your child and your wants. For example time frame, cost, desired activities, child’s personality etc.

3. Matching

We will provide you with a short list of camps/programmes that we think will meet your needs. We’ll send you this information by email with links to the camp websites. Addtionally we’ll have made contact with the camps to organize for them to send you brochures and DVDs.

4. Follow Up

We’ll follow up with you to see if any of these options are suitable. If not we’ll try and come up with some other alternatives.

5. Decision Making

Please ensure that if you choose a camp we have recommended you let us know. Camp Experts UK is compensated by camps once you have gone. By letting us know when a placement is done, we can ensure we can continue to offer this free service. Please use our FAQ if you need help on how to decide on a good camp.

6. Feedback

After the programme is over, please fill in the questionnaire you will receive. Feedback from campers is the best way for us to continue to offer the best service we can.

Camp Experts & Teen Summers - UK