IB Preparation

Is your child about to start the International Baccalaureate? Is he/she in the midst of it and want help with a particular course over the summer? Are they struggling with the concept of how to get started on the Extended Essay?

IB revision and pre IB starter courses are usually a week or two long and taught by IB teachers and past examiners. The advantage of these courses is that they can help students focus on determining their priorities for the upcoming exam. They help add structure to the revision plan and can help students learn time management skills.

By taking a course taught by IB teachers and/or examiners in a small class size, students will learn more and quickly. Without their friends to distract them, they are increasingly open to admitting when they don’t know something and consequently more likely to get more value from such a course.

Camp Experts can help you find the right revision course for you. Whether based here in the UK or abroad, either in the summer or the spring.

Even if you are happy with your IB work, you may want to consider trying out a course at a British University. Not only would this help strengthen your academics and enhance your CV before applying but it will give you a chance to experience what life at University is like, including the college system.

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