Grade Improvement

grade improvement programs - summer education camps for teensAs teenagers approach their last years of secondary school they often suddenly realise how important it now is to get good grades, whether on their regular course work or on exams. Competition is becoming more intense and the time is short to ensure they can get the grades they need to follow the career and University path they want.

Helping them to improve and giving them the self-confidence to focus is a key objective of many of the programmes we work with for those aged 13+. Sometimes part of the problem is purely one of improving self-confidence and maturity to allow students to not worry that putting up their hand in class is “not cool” or that their friends will laugh at them if they get good grades. In these cases we would often recommend a leadership style camp.

In other cases, students may need remedial work to help improve their performance in one particular area, such as maths, history, literature or a language. In these cases we would suggest specific academic programmes that match the student’s unique needs. These types of programmes are run at boarding schools and university campuses in the United States, Europe and Asia.

In either case, Camp Experts can help you find the right grade improvement programme for your child.


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