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sleepaway camp advisors - best sleepaway camps for teens and kids - uk campsResidential camps provide an incomparable enriching experience for children. They begin to nurture independence and increase self-confidence. Lifetime friendships are formed in an environment that mixes caring with the spirit of self discovery. Most parents find that their children are more mature and confident after a sleepaway camp experience.

Residential camps have expert staff who are recruited based on their knowledge of their specialty and on their empathy with children. Professional teachers and coaches will often be supplemented with university students who are often ex campers themselves.

Residential camps offer a huge range of activities whether a “full service camp” or a “specialty or adventure style camp”. Some camps allow campers to select everything they wish to do, others offer a mix of required activities and electives. Some camps encourage healthy competition while others are non competitive. No matter what the camp ethos, all campers are made to feel good about themselves and participate as a group in a wide ranging number of bonding activities.

Campers sleep in a range of different facilities from tents & rustic cabins to modern chalets or residential boarding schools. In general camps put children of a similar age together. In some camps there are ensuites, in others single rooms. Each camp is different.

Residential camps come in all different types and are found all over the world.

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