Middle School Enrichment

middle school enrichment programs - summer camps for middle school studentsStudents aged 11 to 14 are at a major crossroads in their lives. Adolescence is a difficult passage to make and middle school enrichment programs can help these students become more self motivated and able to accept the responsibility of the challenges they face.

Middle school enrichment programs are structured courses with a mix of physical sports/arts/learning and leisure. Your child will be encouraged to try something new and interesting. Courses on offer include Journalism, Speed Reading, Web Design, Business, Law, Psychology, Hip Hop Dancing, Magic, Yoga, Video Games, Maths and Chaos Theory, TV and Production, Veterinary & Forensic Science (plus many more).

Students will learn study habits, gain study skills, academic efficiency, study and organizational skills. Grades in traditional subjects such as maths and in essay writing skills can be improved. Courses can be adapted to beginners, intermediate, advanced and super bright students. Most courses are sleepaway at residential boarding schools or college campuses, but there are some day camp options also. Contact our Camp Experts for free referral-advisory services!



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